Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dream Journal Entry #12 — Rainbow Sand Castles

I can't remember all of it now but;

I'd just moved to a new house - owned by one of my relatives pretty sure but the house was so big I didn't meet anyone except the help when I got there. I had 3 dogs with me: a German Shepherd, a little Maltese and a shih Tzu. Kuwa, Bamba and my future dog? It was dark and I was unpacking, didn't bother turning the light. Shredded carrots with dog food in the dark as well haha. And the entire time this car alarm was going off - turns out it was actually going off irl haha.

Then I was off to some University. I was taking a masters class in something I think. It was an intimate lecture theatre and I already knew the people in there - some from highschool and some invented by my head I guess. Everything was really casual on the first day. The teaching staff were sitting at the back having a chat. I told friends we should go outside; so outside we went. Came back in and one girl who I found annoying in highschool haha - N - starts bitching about how we took so long. I asked her why she didn't join us and she strangled me hahaha. I backhanded her and she went off to tell some staff member. I ended up going to staff as well which is something I think I'd only do now given the amount of shit I let get away irl, and that teach was like you should tell this guy - he's head of theatre and a big shot. I said okay.

So teach led me up to an office where I explained the story and he told me to follow him. We went into another lecture hall with different peeps in there and he briefed them on something while he told me to sit. Next thing I remember is we were having dress rehearsal for a dramatic reenactment of the build up, climax and resolve of the N strangle. Hahaha! And these people were good. Contemporary dance and everything. I was properly impressed. And like, what the hell haha. 

So fast forward some cos I can't remember; I'm with a few of my friends at some stadium. We watch a game of futbol. The guys after come to me saying,  "hey, we need you to design a huge banner type thing to promote this league. Can you do it?"

I say yes and this was the most insane part of the dream - the method of design? You know sand art you can buy in a bottle where the sand artist layers different coloured sand to make some picture or write something? Well it was that. Except they had the technology to convert written text to layers in this stadium-tall sand art wall. And the catch in the technology was, any errors had to be corrected manually. So when I decided to change the bottom part of it I had my friends help  me pull sand out of this wall. It was fun and kind of like the color festival in India you know? Anyway. When I was done they all liked it and pushed a button and it solidified into a steel fixture - but they added something at the top, and there was a gap. I turned to them saying I didn't like that, and this dude says "wait for it, it'll be your favourite bit."

And alla sudden it lights up and there's moving captures of replays from the last game. And it was all mostly of my friend from my masters class. I was stoked. I was all woah. 

Fast forward and we're all going home and that guy comes up to me saying he liked what I did. I told him thanks and, I'm pretty sure we had a moment, but his ex wife came with the baby in a bit of a tiff and I excused myself. He caught up with me and our other friends later, and we were all headed back to mine.

All the lights were off in the house still but this time my uncle was in the living room outside one of the bedrooms. I went over to touch the back of his hand on my forehead and funny the rest of my group lined up behind me to do the same hahaha. Uncle kept peering in the bedroom and telling us to shh meanwhile. I didn't ask what was happening but it looked like the scene from a movie where someone was dying; but we were in the dark having the back of his hand touch our foreheads. 


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