Sunday, March 15, 2015

Art By Me: —"Eva In Love"

I can't really believe what I've just got done. Presenting my first mixed medium piece:

"Eva In Love"
Graphite on paper X digital painting

I'm afraid the conceptualisation is a little disappointing as there was not much conceptualisation before actually doing it haha. It was a matter of having a little obsession with apples — (I don't know why, I don't like eating them - maybe that's why) and just socketing one into her skull. I uploaded the wip on Instagram and a friend goes "Apple of my eye!" —I never even thought of that. Clever friends are clever. 

I've realised how much I love digital painting. I don't have much of a steady hand or the patience to do small strokes with pencil on paper so refining the details like the eyes, teeth, nose, above the lips as well as the shadows and light was so much breezier on the laptop. And so much fun. I lose track of time doing this stuff. I believe it is called, "artist flow"! I am excited. And proud of myself today :)) 

Challenge is on. The other challenge being; keep your mother fucking feet on the ground and focus lady!

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