Sunday, October 26, 2014

Push Start

Little lamb, there are lots of wolves in sheep's clothing. Lots. I have little to no faith in words anymore. I'd rather stick by someone who does me no favours than someone who "cares" just to get the reaction they want from me. I am not innocent in this anymore. I know what the hell I'm doing. I'm not here to prove myself to anyone. Somebody tell me who has the guilty conscience? Not me. Never me. Does that make me an asshole? No, it just makes me fucking honest is what. 

Give me someone who doesn't use me for once, and someone I can respect. Til then I stick by and appreciate the people that love me and honey no that doesn't make me a slag. Not my fault your head's in the shithole. I just know I'm not about to abandon my friends and I'm so sorry that doesn't comply to the way you want me to live my life, but I'm not about to go through another fucking one of these.

The next time someone tells you who they are, take their word for it. They've set low standards for you before you even hit start. So much learning.