Thursday, March 26, 2015

let me rest.

If there is one thing I pray for it is simply that I always wake up to every tomorrow believing in love, goodness and grace -- never allowing myself to turn into a cynic with her walls so high no one can reach her.

There is a lot inside me that has turned to stone. There is a lot that I silence, and a lot that I pass off as a sense of humour. I won't go there.

May I exercise discernment and quick wit, trusting myself fast enough to always be one step ahead, and not someone who's read all the spoilers and chooses to forget. 

I can shift my thoughts there in a second and I feel my heart scrunch up. This is called heart break. If you experience it enough times kiddo, you can ignore it. 

From now on I hold my own heart, and the only person I give it to is the one who holds it the same if not better than how I do. So time to step the game up. That's a memo to myself.

There is more love than romantic love and this is the love I am going to focus on. Let's not call this love duck thing a personality flaw, shall we? Let's say I'm just fucking fantastic this way.

Time to #wizeup. Time to have fun. 

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