Saturday, May 23, 2015


Blocking the person who birthed me from all forms of communication. 
That's where I'm at. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

On Christianity

Meeting Christians in their Christian environment is kind of charming at the time, bit weird after the fact; cos after the fact you realise that every other sentence was about their faith, every half an hour would condemn some other type, and someone is always giving a sermon to someone else about what is right according to God. 

I came home that day feeling first glad I spent time with my friends, but the minute I entered my home, I realised how far I've come from it. Even my parents have in a way— you'll kind of have to eventually. Mum wasn't so supportive for the longest time but when I lived with her just recently I think she took on; I heard her sermon someone using universalistic undertones-- it made me smile to myself cos I mean, at least she's preachy about the right thing, even if preachy is a total no when it comes to other spiritualities in the pagan way. 

But even so, when you hear a pantheistic person speak of their spirituality it is done so always with faith, conviction, and softness enough to know the stuff they believe in they can't completely comprehend. Because how does one human know god? We're not so evolved yet, pretty sure. Don't know how anyone can speak as if they were the right hand of the Christian God. Whenever it was like that though I never flinched; it was more interesting to me to see some people talk in such certainty and with such superiority complex. Especially towards the child; I've never met a smarter kid in my life. She speaks like an adult, almost, talking about things in such  ways. I said this kid is so bright, if she can stick to her guns she's gonna go so far. But then it was weird as well, in hindsight, seeing how they would feed her gospel and how she'd regurgitate it back. 

So anyway, I remember why I left. And now really appreciate how open minded my parents and friends are about faith and all these things.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Trevor Hall - Om Shakti Om


My Mama rides a lion
My Dad wears ashes and snakes
My Mama is a warrior
She kills demons in Her play
My Daddy has the power
And He likes Her this way

I call them day and night
I never leave their sight
Singing Om Shakti Om Shakti Om

 My Mama lets Her hair hang loose
My Dad likes to sit still
Watching Mama scream and dance
gives Him such a thrill
My Mama drinks from a skull cup
You got any demons She'll sip them up

They live up on the mountain
They're the Eternal Fountain
Om Shakti Om Shakti Om
My Mama and my Dad
They are mad
They are mad
Singin Om Shakti Om Shakti Om

Monday, May 4, 2015

"So rather than holding on to a broken dream, I'll just hold on to love"