Monday, September 7, 2015

Love Flow — Creating Space to Grow

I have somehow managed to regulate my joy where it isn't something so fleeting where I have to keep my hands off the wheel when I've hit a low, for a week, two weeks, til the next fleeting moment. 

In the past few months, it's safe to say that I've accepted that I am a little more emotionally charged than the next person, which doesn't mean I like drama or such things, but I do absorb the energy from the people I keep contact with. I've also accepted everyone is different — and so, put two and two together, if I am tired, confused, uninspired after being around certain people, I stop communication.

And guess what? It has woooooorked. I am happy and free and I am not scared of the future! Well, I'm hella nervous about Spain haha but, really not scared of the future anymore. 

If you end up with yourself and the right company; people who inspire you and believe in you, and have similar passions and direction, energy as you, you will slowly find yourself focusing 100% on only the great things in life! It is you breaking up with everything that disagrees with your soul. And lately I say, is that not the wisest way to live?

Now I'm enjoying things I never would have before; things I would've rushed through just to get to the next bit. Is it not the journey more than the destination? I've been told this and now I can happily attest to it! And when your mind is clear there is so much more you can do to realise your potential and I am grateful for every fucking miserable thing that happened to me, that brought me to where I am and made me who I am, right in this moment.

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