Wednesday, July 29, 2015

28/07/2015 •— Sleepy Mountain

Oh sleepy mountain
My wandering eye,
Waiting for the glint of sparkle
From the beast that lies beneath.
Oh sleepy mountain
Softly booming, whispering your sweet words.
So humbly you speak.
For what can contain the beast
Everlasting, eternal, immortal;

Grey wisps kiss you by your neck, like ice for you've not known embrace;
Yet you need not flinch, it knows it is welcomed there.
Like two allies it seeks to protect you
Honour you, caress you just enough.
And it dances with you, a slow courtship; Yet you stand steadfast.

My gaze catches a glimmer of the beast under the moon.
He pauses for only a moment to gaze upon you,
calming his excited breath.
He leaves, you stay. You stay waiting,
unbeknownst to your own majesty.
You feel a hollow emptiness and nothing more.

Oh sleepy mountain
Feel the gentle trace of the wisps glide gently over your neck,
and look to me now as I look to you.
Your eyes are tired and so are mine;
you are more than the home of the beast.
Your place of rest might also be mine;
Who houses you? If you stand steadfast I will return,
And maybe I'll find home for us both soon.

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