Tuesday, September 9, 2014

An Ode to Sia's "Chandelier"

I've always been a fan of Sia and when friends would ask "have you heard the new Sia song?" I was always just like, "the Chande-li-lieeeer song?" and they're like "yeah that one." Yeah, well, initially  I thought drowned out with all the other noise on the radio except for the Chandelilier bit. You know.

Shit's changed on the radio, and I don't listen to it much anymore, but every now and then I hear something when I'm out, then I hear it again, and again, and I think hmm yeah okay, it's okay. So I look it up on the Boob, and get into it and think yeah, actually it's pretty good. Then I think yo, it's got that kind of soul shattering rock potential. Y'know, when music builds you up and builds you up good and steady, steady, release - some kind of heart liberation where you think YES, YES THAT JUST HAPPENED. Well, I officially love that song.

And you know how it is when there's a song I like I check if there's a rock/metal/drum/guitar cover of it and holy shit. With artists like Sia you'd think she'd get the biggest fucking high from hearing some hugely excited drummer rock the shit out of it song right? Rambling. Anyway a bunch of talented folk did it for her-- I didn't like all of them, but here's the awesome I found on the Boob.

Incase you haven't heard the original Chandelilier:

 Spot his bliss. And, Garage Band FTW.

Max Lambert
Easy rock vibes. Doesn't over colour it but knows exactly what to sprinkle in there, y'know? Slick.

Chris Wells 
Yeeeeheeees, chorus!

Lindsey Raye
Lots of yes, and everything I loved about the previous 3. Dead.

And of course my favourite power metal vocalist on the Boob does it too. Yeah he hit that.

Okay I'm done. 

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