Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dream Journal Entry #7 – Little Black Dress

I'd just come home from a night out. I was in a little black dress, and drunk. Fumbling around, about to take my heels off, my phone went off. One new message from D.

I opened it and it was along the lines of, "baby bend over when you do that." 

The moment I read it I looked up and he was standing right infront of me. bolted out the room, and through the front door, still in my heels. It was about 2AM, and was pitch black outside. 

Frantic and in too much shock to think straight all I did was run *stumble in my heels. He pulled up near me on his motorcycle and kept pace with my run. 

"Whatever you do, you realise you're not getting away from me right?"

He jumped from his bike. I barely slipped past his grip.


4:39 in the morning and I woke up a good 10 minutes ago with my heart convulsing out of my chest. 

Lets try that again shall we?

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